Llandudno Pier

Llandudno Pier is Grade II Listed and at 2,295 ft is the longest pier in Wales.

The pier is unique in that it has two entrances, one on the promenade at the North Parade and the other on Happy Valley Road. This is believed to be the original entrance created when the pier was first built.

Llandudno Pier has often been selected for Victorian and Edwardian filming locations Most notably for the 2002 TV production of The Forsyte Saga.

The orginal pier was built in 1858 by the St George's Harbour and Railway Company and was much shorter at just 242 ft.

Unfortunately, the pier was severely damaged during the great storm of October 25th 1859, which caused the loss of 223 ships and 800 people across the coastal waters of Britain.

Although repaired and used for a further 16 years after the storm, the pier was now too small and could only be used by steam ships at very high tide.

The present pier, was opened to the public on August 1st 1877. Various additions were made to the pier up until 1969 when the landing stage was totally rebuilt in concrete and steel, which enabled its use by larger steamers which were popluar at the time.

The wooden decking has also been extensively renovated during recent years.

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